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Uploading to art.mobius.social (AMS) is simple - just hit the upload button and follow the form! However, we have a few guidelines to make certain people can find art.


The most important aspect of AMS are the tags, and we require 3 tags and at least 1 rating tag per image. If you don't know the name of a tag, just begin typing and it'll automatically suggest tags at the 3rd character. The most important tags are the rating tag, the subject tag, and the artist tag, so start with those.

Is it safe?

These tags are not rating tags, but are often used to filter out unwanted results, so they should be tagged even if the image as a whole is from a lesser rating category:

Who's in it?

Just start typing their name in, and it'll suggest tags below.

If you see a (0) next to the tag, that means it's probably an alias. For example, trying to put the tag tails will automatically insert the tag miles "tails" prower when the upload is processed. (It works for search, too!)

Who made it, and how?

After rating and character, the most important tag is the artist. All artist tags start with artist:, so make certain to put that in before typing in the rest of the tag.

If you don't know the artist, and you can't find the artist after searching, the artist needed tag flags that image for any later web searchers to look.

What're they doing?

Tag for their pose, their facial expressions, and their overall action.


If the source has a title, use _original title:_ and the title underneath in *bolded text*.

If the source has a description, use _original description:_ and the description underneath it.

Simple "be sure to like and subscribe" boiler plate doesn't need to be copied. If the original description uses platform-specific tags that we can't emulate, note _original description (sans platform-specific tags):_ instead.

If the source has tags, treat them carefully. Generally, we'll have an equivalent tag in our list. However, some sites (e.g., Tumblr, FurAffinity) use tags humorously - if so, put them in the description instead of as a tag.


If you do not know the original source, first check Saucenao, Tineye, and Bing Images.

If you cannot find a source, tag it source needed. This flags the upload as erroneous, so treat this as a last resort!

If you find multiple sources, and can't determine which one is preferred by the artist, use this rough order of priority for which to use:

  1. An artist's own website
  2. Newgrounds
  3. Pixiv
  4. InkBunny
  5. Weasyl
  6. SoFurry
  7. Furry Network
  8. Twitter
  9. DeviantArt
  10. a Mastodon instance
  11. Tumblr
  12. FurAffinity
  13. e621
  14. Any other image board

Image aggregators that do not preserve the source in an format that can be read (such as VK or Pinterest) or which are temporary and/or don't preserve the source at all (such as chan-style boards) are never acceptable sources.

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