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Rule -1: Adults Only

Because some of our art is not safe for work, and because we list commissions, is not intended for minors.

  • Minors may not register for this site, or use any functionality that requires registering. If we find out that you joined before the age of 18, even if you are a major when it is discovered, that is an immediate permaban.
  • Do not upload art from minors. If the artist themselves joins when they are a major, and still like some of their old pieces once they come of age, the artist themselves may post it.

Rule 0: Don't be That Guy

The internet is full of That Guy. You shouldn't be That Guy. No matter where you go on the site - whether uploads, comments, forum posts, private messages, et al - keep in mind:

  • Don't comment on a piece of art just to say it's not good or it's not sexy to your liking.
  • No bigotry. Racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, and other such nonsense has no place here.
  • Don't antagonize or incite.

If these rules upset you, please stop to consider why you are That Guy.

Rule 1: Respect Artists is an art archive. As such, treating our artists with respect is paramount.

  • If an artist says 'no reposts', don't upload it here. We can hope they come around, but it is ultimately their decision.
  • Do not upload art that is not publicly released. Patreon content, folio content, art packs, private commissions, pictures from private Discord servers, WIPs not intended for publication (including workspace screenshots or photographs as scans), adoptables, and other forms of paid content may not be uploaded here.
  • Don't upload official content whole cloth.
  • When it comes to official content:
    • Don't upload entire episodes. Do upload short clips (less than 15 seconds, ideally).
    • Do not upload full scans of official comics. Do upload covers. Do upload interesting panels, pivotal lines, or individual panels that illustrate an artist and their work.
    • By and large, do not upload entire pages or spreads of official comics, unless the entire page is needed to show an exchange, how the artist framed an exchange, or provide the context for a moment.
    • Do upload scans of promotional materials, including advertisements.
    • Do tag your uploads with the appropriate spoiler tag.
  • Do not use comments, watermarks, or image uploads to promote pages that break the above rules.

Rule 2: Properly tag and source images

The power of the software behind, philomena, is its tagging system, but excellent software can only work if tags are kept consistent and accurate.

  • All images must have 1 or more rating tags. The Safe tag is overridden by any other rating tag.
  • For each of an image's artists, tag them in the format "artist:name." If you don't know, use "artist needed.
  • If an image is not adequately tagged or sourced, please correct it yourself (or report, if necessary). If someone is repeatedly uploading images without tagging properly, do not comment - report them.
  • In case of disagreements, report the image to staff and let them make the call.
  • Images originally posted elsewhere should have the URL for the source. If the URL is dead, add it to the source anyway and add the "dead source" tag.
  • Tags should be useful to the site overall - they should make it easy to filter for, and easy to filter away. Do not create tags for personal organization (that's what the gallery function is for). Do not create overly specific tags (such as '[color] [bodypart]' tags).

Rule 3: Keep it Sonic!

This site is an archive for images related to the Sonic the Hedgehog universes and community.

  • Simply having a piece of Sonic merchandise in an image is not enough to make something on topic.
  • Certain non-Sonic games (such as Freedom Planet) may be considered community-related, on a case by case basis. (Most Sonic fangames will be included in this.)

Rule 4: Use filters

The software underlying, philomena, makes it incredibly easy to filter for images you want and to filter out images you don't want. You can create multiple sets of filters.

  • Downvotes are not a substitue for filters. If you don't want to view a theme, don't downvote every image in it - filter it out.
  • Do not view or post content that your jurisdiction forbids. For images, filter them.
  • Do not remove tags to prevent people from filtering it out. If you see someone doing this, don't call them out with a comment - report it to staff.

Rule 5: Forbidden content

The content below is not permitted in general.

  • Do not post images or comments in support of Naziism, or any of their successors, supporters, adherents, or fellow travellers.
  • Do not post full sprite rips. (NB: There are better sites for that - AMS does not guarantee lossless uploads.)
  • Do not provide links to pirating sites. (No, not even that one.)
  • Do not use this site to seek out real life sexual meetings.
  • By and large, do not post images of real people unless it meets rule 3 (staff, cosplay, employees, &c).

Rule 6: Do not abuse site functionality

  • You may create multiple accounts ("alts") for keeping types of content separated or for preserving privacy and (relative) anonymity. However, you may not use alts to vote on images multiple times or dogpile conversations. Using alts to evade bans is similarly not permitted.
  • You may not offer incentives to vote (e.g., offering different versions in return for X votes).

Rule 7: Be careful with unfilterable content

  • Avatars and titles must be rated Safe.
  • Content above an image or thread's rating must be surrounded in spoiler tags.
  • The "seizure warning" tag exists to protect users. Any image that blinks more than 5 times per second (or 3 times per second if it includes a blink to and from a red shade) should be tagged with this tag.

Rule 8: Don't betray trust

Just because you know something doesn't mean it's fair game for the whole world.

  • Do not deanonymize users. For example, do not publish names, or reveal "alts".
  • Do not publish private information.
  • Do not use off-site links to reveal information about other users.

Rule 9: Commissions

You may advertise commissions on, but there are rules for how to do so.

  • Advertisements should contain example artwork that was created entirely by the person advertising the commission. Using collab art, etc., is not allowed.
  • You may not advertise commissions for content that would violate site rules.
  • is not and should not be considered a party in any agreement involving commissions. Any agreement between the artist and commissioner is made without the knowledge or involvement of
  • Always use caution and discretion when discussing commissions. does not intervene or assist in disputes, incomplete transactions, communications, delays, or other undesired uncomes that come from advertising, seeking, or arranging commissions.

Rule X: Rules Are Not Exhaustive

There will always be situations that are not accounted for in any set of rules. All enforcement and interpretation of rules is ultimately up to the discretion of site staff.

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