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art.mobius.social (AMS) is the Mobian art archive anyone can maintain.

AMS was founded after a series of art purges on other sites (Tumblr's NSFW purge, Twitter suspending accounts for mention of commissions or Patreon or paypal, FurAffinity forbidding chibi-style art, DeviantArt forbidding 'kink') resulted in the loss of the artwork of hundreds of Sonic artists, many of whom are no longer with us. The Internet was founded on pillars of sand, and the tide is always coming in; we're just trying to put one more pillar up, to hold back the tide a little longer.

AMS runs on the open-source application Philomena, which powers Derpibooru. Philomena's core strength its its powerful tagging system, making complex queries rapid. Its collaborative documentation tools are simple to use and up-front, encouraging users to actively maintain entries. This in turn makes it easier to find the original artists behind works as well as new artists like them. The tagging system lends itself to powerful filtering and watching abilities, making it easy to curate your own feed.

Keep it true blue!

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